Why I love to travel


      I will resonate with most of you when I say : I love to travel. I love seeing new places, meeting new people and just breathing new air. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend getaway to a familiar city or a week long trip seeing three countries in a row. In the past 4 months I made it my best to travel more. So every 2 weeks I went somewhere. It became like a breath of fresh air ,exactly what I needed. 

      Last week, I visited Brasov again after a year and this city is as romantic as I remember it. With mountains all around it, a lot of happy people near me and a lot of places to just have a beer and enjoy the company , family in my case. It’s so much cleaner than Bucharest. Also, being a city situated in the Carpathian Mountains, the air is so invigorating and it invites you to explore more. If you make it to Brasov, don’t forget to visit the Old City, because that is the place to be. 

       As for my outfit, I am on a jeans detox, so anything but jeans goes. I picked up those pants somewhere last week and I love them. They have a high school uniform vibe to them. So I paired them with a jeans shirt under the cropped sweater to give off more of a preppy look and not freeze to death. A pair of black booties seemed too harsh, so I went with brown ones. Yes, they have a heel, but they are super comfortable so they are great for walking around.


  XoXo, Khloe


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