What you should wear to go shopping for Christmas presents

Hello dolls,

Did you know that Christmas is this weekend? I love the idea of Christmas, as I said, but I hate the fact that you need to buy gifts. The stores on the holiday season give me a headake.  And here is what happens every single year I start buying gifts at the last moment. I mean, come on, it’s like I start preparing for Christmas in October, that something happens and puuf, I forget about the gifts. And I remember two or three days before the 25th. Well, this year is actually an improvement, I didn’t end up running at the mall on the 24th and actually bought everything yesterday.

Since I am a fashion blogger, let’s talk about what you should wear while shopping.

First of all, do not wear heels. It’s not worthed. If you necessary need some heels to feel good, get some ankle boots with a heel that is not higher than 7 cm.

Second, be festive, wear some red and green but in the same time make sure you are comfortable. Switch things up, in stead to wear jeans, pick a skirt. A pencil skirt will do the trick. Also, always go for a sweater. It will keep you warm and also be fashionable.

Third, do not do the mistake that I did and make sure your bag is light weight. I know it’s hard, but maybe you don’t need every single piece of junk to carry around, especially when you are going shopping.

And forth, try to enjoy the experience. The stores are all decorated and perfect for Instagram pictures.

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