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Hello dolls,

I am always on a look out for online stores because everyone wants amazing clothing for a cheaper price. After all, we all know that most of the clothes we wear are made in China and are sold at really expensive prices. There are a lot of online stores that promise you the moon at almost nothing, but then you receive the package and realise that instead of a dress you got a shirt and instead of M you got XS. This is why I diced to start this series and I will give you my honest opinion about the store I will review.

Zaful started making an appearance on my facebook feed since the being of December and it promises fashionable, quality items at cheap prices. As a blogger, I was contacted by them at the begging of January for a collaboration.I got to pick some items and here is my experience.


It was hard to pick because they have so many designs and they are all in trend. From swimsuits to chokers and from dresses to underwear you can find them all.


I can easily say that the clothing has the same quality as you would find in H&M or Stradivarius. The items are part of fast fashion, they will not last you to gift them to your grand children, but it will most definitely last you two seasons. Usually clothing becomes tricky when it comes to zippers, so I make sure, one of the items has cut-outs and it more than ok.

True to pictures and True to size 9/10

Yes, yes and yes. You get exactly what you ordered. Don’t take my word and see for yourself. As for the size, again, you get exactly the size you order. Be careful, because the size is different from country to country and XS in USA is S in Europe. Get yourself a ruler, and start measuring. Here is what I ordered.

Long Sleeve Choker Crop Top – Black- You can get it HERE.


Cut Out Chunky Choker Sweater-You can get it HERE.


Faux Leather Velvet Bows Choker-You can get it HERE
Metal Bar Golden Frame Pilot Sunglasses-You can get it HERE.


Elastic Bra Bondage Harness Body Jewelry-You can get it HERE.


Bar Layered Wrap Necklace-You can get it HERE.


Price 8/10

They are cheaper than the items in the mall.A sweatshirt ranges from 10$-25$, a dress ranges from 15$-40$. Basically, I got a sweater, a blouse, a cropped top, two chockrs, a bra string and a pair of sunglasses for 70$. It’s a bargain right?

Delivery&Packeging 10/10

I placed my order in the begging of January, right after the New Years and I received them after a month throw the postal office.I live in Romania, Europe. You can check out on their site how much it will take and then again it’s the truth.

As for the fee you need to pay, it’s free over a 30$ purchase no matter where you live.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Also, feel free to share your opinion about the store.

If you have any more stores you would like me to review let me know in the comments below.








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  • I’ve always wanted to get a few things from Zaful but I saw so many people say that the things they ordered weren’t the ones that they got and that the quality was really bad and that always threw me off. I think Zaful might be a bit like SheIn and I usually shop at SheIn so I don’t know. I think I might try to order some pieces and see how it goes.

    Marta –

  • Britt Correia x Gypsy Sunday

    Thank you SO much for writing this! I’ve been wondering about Zaful for so long, but never bought from them because I was always sketched out.

    Check out my blog if you get a chance girl!