Today’s article comes more like a question and it marks the beginning of fall

           I guess the nature in autumn puts on a final show and then lets go of everything to take a break and then reinvent itself in the spring time. Is this a circle we should learn from? Should we clean out our lives more often? Some of us are stuck in time being always caught up in a job, in a relationship, even in a body we don’t like for the sake of comodity and being consequent. Society teaches you to be in the same place with the same husband, working for the same job and paying for the same apartment for 30 years. Maybe it’s just a scheme to keep us from evolving and becoming more than we think we can be.

            Yes, we could blame it on society and say that it made us comfortable or we could blame it on ourselves. After all, you see all these people coming from nothing and make it big, like Eminem or J.K Rowling. What if they made it because they are used to switch things around? Think about the difference: you were probably born in a decent house with parents that loved you and gave you their best. Why take a leap of faith and jump if you risk to lose it all. The leaves don’t lose anything, they die, and some new ones will replace the old ones in just a few months.

            Or maybe we are build to stay safe. It’s in our system to make sure we are safe before we decide on anything and act on it. We basically need to fight our own system. It’s like the antivirus on your computer when you choose to ignore it.

            Change itself is a scary word and it will send most of us running. But here is the thing, you either embrace it, or it will take you by suprise, because like the seasons, life changes- people come and go, money come and go, and it’s time for you to learn something new and go with it. Is it?

            I am feeling down lately and I feel the need for a change. I don’t know how big it will be or how small and I don’t know where I will end up ,but I will make sure to let you know.

            About today’s outfit, it’s a fall staple: the jeans are from Zara and the sweater is from H&M. I’ve stayed away from jeans because I am bored of their simplicity, but these ones have an interesting shape and a high waist. It’s like mom jeans with a flare on the bottom. 



Thanks to the photographer Alex Oprea!

You can find him here

XoXo, Khloe














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