hello dolls, I love the ,, find a plaid shirt and tie it around your waist” trend(long name :). This crop top is so cool and versatil¬†(4th time,I’m styling a post wearing it). The pencil skirt, is,with out question, a must have. Is super easy to wear and flattering for all body types. The

City Run: #layering@black

hello dolls, One of the things I love about fall is layering. I have so much fun working with different texture to keep myself warm. This time, we have Nobis a flirty black skirt, a long cozy sweater, a cute summer top and a leather jacket. Plus black is perfect for fall, so I top

City Run:Saturday morning?

hello dolls, Crazy saturday ahead. I’m sorry for not posting those last few days, I still trying to get used with the schedule. This saturday I’ve had Nobis Jackets Men an early¬†meeting so I got my favorite casual but office appropriate. Love this over size shirt from Zara, is perfect for an almost weekend. Casual

Look of the day:Denim in FALL (again)

hello dolls, And again denim. Well, I know that Guess loves it ( they tweet me, saying they love the outfit from yesterday :> ). Do you know what I love about Bucharest? In the midle of the city you can find places like this, the wierd part is that I knew the area for

Look of the day: Floral pants and bright shirt

Hello doll, Well, you either love those pants, or you hate them. First of all they have this crazy floral print,that is not easy at all to wear and pair and on top of that they have ,,ankle view”. This is my first pair of pants of this lenght and I love them, they bring