Tag: What’s on my IPhone?

Hello beautiful,
I’m always looking for new fun applications for my iPhone so I though I do a tag with my favorite apps.This way you can get some ideea of new apps.

Here is the first page:

YouTube is one of my favorite of all times, I have to say, I love the new app.
An here is my new must haves blog apps:

The WordPress app is amazing! You can do everything you would do on your computer.
Also the Facebook Pages is pretty fine and the Instagram is a must have.
Here is the second page:

I love having all of my favorite stores at all time with me :)

Here are my fashion networks app:

I need a lot of apps for inspiration, funny right? Here are my favorites:

And offcourse my games:

At the moment I’m obsessed with Maya Stones, I’m at the last level :)
Let me know what apps you love in the comment section down bellow.

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