Sundays:What I do a Sunday morning?

Hello, dolls,

I would like to say that I get up early and plan the whole week ahead. But I would be lying. Sundays are chilling, recharging my batteries and forget about the world out there. I don’t even like to go out with friends on Sundays. Mostly because it’s not acceptable to leave your house in pajamas.

But I still have a plan for Sundays. I get up as late as possible. For example today. I got up at 12, 13:30, 15:00. In my head, this is the chance I have to recover all those hours that I  lost sleep. Then I usually need 20 minutes to get the courage to get up from the bed and go make a coffee. After the coffee is ready, I’ll be back in bed laying down and blogging, or watching a tv series.

Keep in mind that it’s ok to take a break from time to time. To relax, to chill, to only think about you.




Tell me what your Sunday morning looks like in the comments below.




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