Are striped pants appropriate to wear?

Hello, dolls,

Here is the question for today: Is a striped pants outfit appropriate to wear at work? Don’t you think that the definition of what is “appropriate” and what is not should change? We evolved a lot in the past 100 years because back in 1918 it was not appropriate for a woman to wear pants. Or vote for that matter. Thanks to Coco Chanel and because of the war, things changed. One of the many reasons that now we are wearing pants is that in WW2, most of the women needed to work in factories and long dresses were out of the question.

Back to the present, fashion is recycling and each season on the runway the trends come and go. High fashion dictates the guidelines for a perfect wardrobe. Now, let me ask you this: When was the last time you followed the trends? But when was the last time you didn’t buy a piece because it’s not “appropriate”?

I personally agree with the idea of having some guidelines to follow at school, university and work, but there is a point in which those rules start interfering with your right to freedom of opinion and expression. The way you dress is a huge part of expressing yourself. When you meet someone for the first time, the first thing they will judge is the way you are dressed and look. So, your outfit should match your personality first. Not the trends, not the rules, not a dress code.

An appropriate outfit first of all, in my opinion, is an outfit that gives you confidence. Then you should apply the rules, the dress code. Why are we doing things backward? Are we so scared that society will not accept us, that instead of following ourselves first, we follow them?

Now, let me tell you from my experience. Most of the times, I have a problem with the dress code. Talking it back to high school, I was on high heels when everybody else was wearing sneakers. I will be the one to wear tons of make-up at 9 am in the subway. I always read the dress code for an event after I choose the outfit and I will wear boots and a swimsuit on the beach if I feel like it. The same goes for what I wear at work, but I am lucky that 1. I love my job, and 2. we don’t really have a dress code. So, you can dress how you feel like but keep in mind that you work with the public. This brings me to today’s outfit, that otherwise is really simple. A pair of pants- extremely comfortable, with black and white stripes. I always pair them with a pair of sneakers and a black top. And if I would have to dress the part for something, I would add a blazer. And that is that. 

Striped pants outfit
Striped pants outfit
Striped pants outfit
Striped pants outfit
Striped pants outfit
Striped pants outfit

Of course, I started pairing each outfit, every day with a big smile. Because life is too short to not smile.

Tell me down below your definition of appropriate and let’s have a conversation!



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  • Sophie

    I love these striped trousers! Totally agree with your argument though hun, but these are beaut!

    Sophie |

  • Adrian Ionescu

    I don’t find these striped pants unappropiate to wear! If a girl really likes them and doesn’t wear them only because of the trend is OK. :)

  • Ann

    I think striped pants is okay for work depends on the regulations of your work. some offices don’t have that very strict policy in uniforms as long as it is formal to look at. Some offices, have a very strict policy that it should be plain black and white only.

  • Dorina Osnaga

    Îmi plac foarte mult pantalonii de genul. Combinația clasică sau ceva mai colorat, am impresia că nu dau greș niciodată

  • Denisa Gabriela

    I adore your stripped trousers! I usually wear clothes in dark colours,but I have a pasion for vibrant oranges!

  • danamakeup

    Ador pantalonii acestia. Chiar cred ca nu ai cum sa dai gres cu ei.

  • carmen alexa

    I will always love to wear this kind of pants 😊 and I love this one’s that you wear

  • Andra Katerina

    Ce bine iti sta imbracata asa
    Mie mi plac mult pantalonii

  • Mihaela Curea

    Dungile cred că te ajută să pari mai inaltă și mai slaba!

  • Ce faini sunt pantalonii aceștia!! Ți se potrivesc! 😊😊 Nu știu dacă sunt cei din Stradi sau nu…Am pus și eu ochii pe ceva asemănător, hmmm!

  • Mihaela Diana Bolocan

    Și mie îmi plac tare pantalonii în dungi.

  • Sunt la moda, se vad frumos, dar parca nu ma pot obisnui cu pantalonii atat de evazati in partea de jos

  • Paula Ion

    Imi place foarte mult tinuta ta, dar bluza este cea mai tare :)

  • I think it can be appropriate for work especially if styled right. I love how you styled your pants.