Spring is almost here and black detox?

hello dolls,

I got so excited about the weather this weekend that I decided to dress the part. Well, let me put it like this, 10C it’s not warm enough to be wearing stilettos and crop tops. At list add a fur jacket over it. But hey, the pictures turned up great so I can’t really complain.

I already feel like spring is here and I have big plans for this upcoming. First, I will add some color into my wardrobe and have a black detox. And that is more complicated than it might seem. In especially because more than half of my dressing is black. Let me tell you how fun it is to be looking for something when everything is black and most the materials are the same.

But will small steps I introduce army green, as you seen in the last post and will also see in this one. Army green is easy to combine and looks great with black. Next, I am planning on buying some items in deep red and maybe also navy. Baby steps. I did notice a change in my mood when I don’t wear so much black.

Now, let’s talk about the outfit. I found those pants on sales and I find the length of them pretty interesting. They don’t fall under the¬†culottes type, but they are close enough to be their grand-son. I mix them with a cropped top from Zaful and a pair of black stilettos. The mixture between the length of the pants and shoes brings something new and interesting to the eye.

You can get the-



Green Pants and Zaful top






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Also, I am changing the OOTD upload schedule, if until now I would post on Wednesday and Friday, from now a new post will be onMonday and Wednesday.



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