Somewhere on a beach in Croatia


If there is one thing I love about summer is being near the sea, lay on the sand and just listen to the waves. Nothing more, nothing less. Not even swimming anymore. Just relaxing. Thinking about nothing and everything, just enjoying the sun. This year was chaotic and will get crazier each and every day. But today is not about the future, is about that one day, in Croatia that I wore a black swimsuit, and took some amazing pictures.

The swimsuit fits amazing and is something new- high wasted bikinis. Of course black was my first option. And the only one. I loved the design.

Croatia has the cleanest water I have ever had the chance to see. If you look carefully, you’ll see fish near the shore. But keep in mind that they only have a few beaches with sand, the rest are covered in rocks and they tend to be small. It’s a country full of tourists so ,anywhere you might want to go ,it’s going to be full. Even on the islands. Also, it’s quite an expensive country, but they really understand English so that’s a bonus. I can do a travel guide in the future if you’d like. Let me know if you would be interested.










Photos by: Mihai Ursea
Find him here :

XoXo, Khloe

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