Why you should be sad from time to time and an OOTD

hello dolls,

Do you know that moment when the weather outside is so miserable that makes you start a depression? I woke up this morning at 12 am, after snoozing the alarm for 3 hours. Outside it was pouring rain, and as much as I love rainy weather in the fall time, I hate in the spring time. It’s like you expect it in the autumn so it’s fine. But in the spring time, cold, gloomy weather it’s just so heavy and depressing. While I was in the kitchen making my coffee I had a realization, I am not one of those people that is always happy and for me feeling depressed for time to time is a good think.

So how to feel better in such weather? Get your coffee, your headphones on and start walking the streets. Just walk, look around and get lost in the places and faces. Bucharest is the only think that I could think of that was more miserable than me.From time to time is a good idea to feel and enjoy the little things. Like the rain, the architecture, the older couple that is fighting on the subway or the guy that is walking his dog in the park. As for sadness we need to feel it in order to feel happiness so there you have it.

And when you are in a bad mood, put your boobs out and at list help others feel better. No, don’t do that.Today I wore a red raincoat, mix it with some black skinny jeans and a pair of black booties. Now, I felt like the outfit is boring, so I added a little bit of something: this Elastic Bra Bondage Harness Body Jewelry, you will see in a minute what I’m talking about.

Get the bra bondage think is from Zaful and you can get it HERE.






See you tomorrow with the Zaful review.



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