The recipe for the perfect Friday outfit

Hello dolls,

I have a special relationship with weekends. Usually when Friday comes around I take a break from pencil skirts and dresses and go for something more casual. But also, I am not the type of girl to walk around in UGGs and leggings.So if you can relate, stick around and I will give you the recipe for the perfect Friday outfit.

On top

– Is winter outside so the best choice is an oversized sweater. Pick one that will keep you warm and that also has a soft material. Go for wool or cashmere. As for the color, pick a basic color and this way you can mix it with anything and everything.

On the bottom

– As I said many times before: Leggings are not pants and please don’t wear them as pants. A smart choice is always a pair of boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable and jeans are the definition of casual wear. Besides jeans you can go for a pair of tapered pants. They are wide on the top and cuffed at the ankle. That means it will give you some shape. You can pick whatever material you are comfortable with. I picked leather because I like to mix different textures.

On your feet… About the shoes

– Yes, Uggs are always an option, but there are a lot of options out there to take advantage of. A pair of combat boots are always a good idea. I went for a pair of ankle boots with a small heel.

Oversized sweater and leather pants

Oversized sweater and leather pants



Tell me down below what is your go-to outfit for the weekend.

Like always you can find me on Istagram at @khloelo and on Snapchat at @khloe_lo .

Have a lovely weekend doll <3

XoXo, Khloe

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