The perfect winter outfit *blogmas*

Hello dolls,

I’m sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols. Outside is extremely cold, yesterday it snowed, but just for a little bit. As much as I love December, I hate the cold weather, I am seriously thinking about moving somewhere where is always summer. I mean, come on, it’s hard to dress for winter. It takes me at list an hour each morning to layer on all the pieces and don’t look like Frosty the Snow Man.

Let’s talk fashion. My favorite piece of the moment is an over sized coat, just because you can layer a lot of thing under it. So, I build the whole outfit around it. You know I am not a huge fan of colors, so I went for an all black outfit. All black outfits can be boring if you don’t mix different textures. So, I added a pair of leather pants and boots that have fur on the inside. To keep my hands warm, I got those gray fingerless gloves.







Tell me your favorite item for this winter.

XOXO, Khloe

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  • Loooooooooove your coat!!!
    Chloe x