Is the perfect weather to wear leather pants with a cropped sweater from Zaful

hello dolls,

Well, the weather outside is getting warmer, wearing leather pants is actually possible now. It’s the best time to wear leather pants, it’s not too cold- so you will not freeze to death and it’s not too hot- so you will not bake.

I took my mom out to coffee today so I picked an outfit that is comfortable, casual but to be me, it had to be something edgy to it. And leather adds the perfect dose of edginess. The sweater has some cropped details and it adds some visual interest to the look. This one has gold zippers and a choker included so no accessories needed. Off course, I had to pick it in an army green color it’s the only color I love lately. Maybe because it’s underappreciated and it’s dark without being black. So that is something.

The only accessory I added is a pair of mirror glasses. It was time to wear something else than my aviator ones.

Both the sweater and the glasses were sent to me by and I will have a review up about them as soon as I get the last package. Until then, you can check out the:



cropped zaful sweater

cropped zaful sweater

cropped zaful sweater

cropped zaful sweater

cropped zaful sweater

cropped zaful sweater


For anyone wondering where I have been- well- law school exams. That should explain everything. Good news tho- I passed all the exams with a high grade. If you want to keep in touch with me, make sure you follow me on Instagram at @khloelo.

On Friday, I’ll bring you another outfit post.

Until then,



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