The perfect outfit for a date and muddy date story time

hello dolls,

I am a strong believer on dressing like yourself on a first date. That sounds tricky, let me try again: don’t try too much and less is more. Also, this advice works best if your first date is at a coffee shop and I can’t understand why you would it want it anywhere else. Why? Because is casual and you can get out whenever you feel like! Trust me, it’s important to have an escape plan. If you are going out to dinner, you might find yourself trap there while he talks god knows why and what for three house or while he is scrolling on his phone. So, coffee shop should be.

And I am talking from experience so before I give you the recipe for the best outfit for a date, let’s have a story time. I am in a relationship for almost three years, and this happened in the begging, maybe our two-month anniversary.

Story Time

It was a beautiful early October day and meat in the city for coffee in a busy mall. I remember I was wearing a black shirt, leather skirt and leather heeled booties. Keep this in mind as the story goes on. We talked, had our coffee, everything fine so far. At some point, he told he has a surprise for me, and if you know me, you know I hate surprises, no matter if it’s a gift, a trip, I hate the idea of not knowing what was happening. I thought he bought me flowers or something, so I didn’t stress. We left the coffee shop and headed to his place so he can get something- don’t really remember. That was the moment I realize the surprise was not something material, and he told me he was taking me somewhere. At this point, I didn’t think anything of it, got in the car and found myself in the middle of nowhere, just outside of the city, near a small hill. Romantic right? He went off the road and started driving toward the hill. Again, romantic gesture, from the top, I bet the view was really amazing. Never really found out, because it’s not a good idea to drive through the mud right after it rains. I don’t think it lasted very long until the car got stuck in the mud and if you ever been in a situation like this, you know the more you try to pull the out, the worst in gets stuck. So, the next step was for someone to get out and push the car out of there, me beeing a good girlfriend volunteered. Remember those new leather booties? Yep, I got out of the car, right the mud got in the back of the car and realized that if starts the car, I will be covered in mud. That is a no go. So, instead, I got in the driver’s seat, got my first driving lesson, I still don’t know how to drive a car. He got in the back and start pushing, nope, it didn’t work, the car was stuck. Good think he is smart enough and the universe let a few bricks right in front of the car and he put those under the left wheel and got out of there. His car was white, so imagine the impact of that mud on it. But is all well when it ends well. And we have a story to tell. Not the only one, there are much more to come :))

Now, let’s talk fashion.

I picked a cigarette skirt, pretty long, with a slit on the back, a fitted top, and a jeans jacket. The booties are making the outfit more casual and down to earth.






Tell me down below the funnies experience you have ever had on date.



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  • Cosmin

    Da, este de-a dreptul interesanta povestea care ai expus-o in acest articol cu tot ce tine de articolele vestimentare care le-ai purtat. Pozele sunt foarte furmoase cat si tinuta.

  • Liv

    Love how you added a denim jacket!


  • Alina

    Îmi plac mult ochelarii și fusta! :) Și da, e o combinație curajoasă cu geaca din denim!

    • merci, ma bucur ca iti place <3

  • Bianca

    Îmi place ținuta, mai ales accesoriile, dar și fustița e foarte frumoasă și se așează foarte bine pe corp.

  • Imi place tinuta ta! Gecutele din denim sunt absolut superbe!!!

  • vyo vyoleta

    Foarte frumos outfitul, iar gecutele acestea au inceput sa fie in trend.

  • Kate

    Such a unique outfit!

  • That skirt is gorgeous!!! And yes, coffee is definitely the best for a first date!

    ~Krisztina |

  • Alexandra Haliga

    Eu aș schimba geaca :3, în rest ținuta e super cute :D

    • Da, ar merge si un sacou negru dar am zis ca geaca de blugi il face mai casual ;)

  • Fusta si ghetutele sunt superbe!

  • Cătălina Ct

    Din toata tinuta, elementele ce mi-au atras atentia sunt fusta si ochelarii de soare, care sunt absolut superbi!

  • That is such a funny story! Love this outfit.


  • Imi pace fparte tare fusta si mai ales alaturarea dintre burgundy si denim. GG!

  • Your sunnies are stunning!

    XOXO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily