Life it’s hard but you can do it (all)!



It’s hard to be young in this time and age. After you finish high school and go to college you feel like the world is yours and that is fun and exciting, a while until you realize that high school didn’t teach you how to cook an omelet or how to pay taxes or how to act at an interview. So when you wake up to reality, life gets harder, you need to get to learn everything as fast as you can, do good on your university exams and keep your mental health- if possible. I can tell you for sure you can do it. I did. Keep in mind to get up quickly and get back to work fast. Yes, I mean to get up quickly after every single mental break down. And also, for those of you that feel like a victim, stop, please. Imagine if you could use all that time you spend crying to your friends doing something productive.┬áMaybe you will give up on some things, but learn to appreciate your free time more.

Because guess what, if you things to change, you need to change them yourself. Nobody else can do them for you. If you don’t like something and keep on do it, you deserve your own misery.

On Friday I had a chaotic day, but after I finish everything else, I went out on a date with my love and his dog. Didn’t feel the need to change so I also did an outfit post. For the office, I usually keep it classy but stylish. A blazer is always in the picture, just because I love them so much. I added a pair of pants, these ones are my favorite pair right now and you should get them while they are on sale( Link HERE). Instead of a button down shirt, I wore a cropped top and I also added a statement necklace. If you work in a relaxed environment, this is a great outfit to wear. ´┐╝



Pants- HERE
Necklace- HERE
Sunglasses- HERE







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