Keep warm in a fur coat

Hello dolls,

You are going out tonight and have no idea what to wear so you will not freeze to death? Well, I am here to save you. Get a fur coat on and I assure you will love me for this. Why? Because fur coats are like magical items that no matter how cold is outside you will feel great.

Don’t have one? Well, you should invest in a fur coat. Except for the fact that it will keep you warm, they look fancy with almost anything. Fashion is always changing and each day items became more practical and easy to wear. If 1o0 years ago you would have to wear a dress to be considered a woman now you can rock a fur coat with jeans and it will be totally fine. On top of that, your outfit will look fresh. A great place to get one is going to thrift shops and hoping for the best. A new one can be really expensive – trust me I know. That where I got almost all the ones I own.

How to wear them?

For a night out I suggest pair them with a dress or a skirt and a top. I wore a black mini-skirt and a grey top to let the coat shine by itself but you can make the outfit as glamours as you feel like. For a day at the office, you can pair it with jeans- as I said earlier. Or think about this: a pair of cigarette trousers, a knit sweater and a pair ankle boots with a heel. Great right?








Dolls, hope you have a great weekend- mine will be super busy. But you can see everything I am up to on Instagram: @khloelo and Snapchat: @khloe_lo.

See you on Sunday with a new post from a NEW series!



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