Hunting Pokemons *OOTD*

Hello dolls,

Let me cut to the chase, yep, I went looking for Pokemons today. It’s summer time and we were bored, so we decided to try something new on a low budget. Plus, the ehole planet it’s obsessed with Pokemon Go so we gave it a try. I’m not a huge fan of games… The only things I played so far was Candy Crush on the subway and Lara Croft when I was in highschool. We walked around the park for an hour hunting for Pokemons. Outside were 35C, maybe it wasn’t the best day for this :)) Now, my take on the game. I was against it from the beginning because it’s dangerous for some that forget about real life and cross a highway for a pokemon , go on private property and get shot , or even better break in someones apartment to catch a Pikachu. After all, I believe in natural selection. And human species is the only one who didn’t let it work. If you think about it, 100 years ago, the weak ones didn’t make it. My point is that Pokemon Go is a dangerous game for stupid people. Yes, our generation needs to get out of the house more. And this game is good, because you actually need to go out and walk around. But please,don’t drive and play, if you are stupid, play it in a way that you can only hurt yourself and not others. Ideally, don’t hurt yourself.

       I don’t hate the game, it’s just not for me. I walk around 9km everyday around the city so I don’t need the work out . Plus, the game fuckes up your battery.

       Now, let’s talk fashion. The sport trend was around for two seasons and the running shoes are still huge this summer. I’m always on heels and the closest thing to flat shoes are my combat boots. But, I had an event this week and the sport shoes were a must. To my suprise, you can pair then really easily. I went with a leather skirt and a white shear blouse. Underneath, I wore a yellow bralette.








Have fun the rest of the weekend and see on Monday with a ‘Wardrobe Must haves :Shoes ‘

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Xoxo, Khloe Lo


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