“about HaterS”

Hello dolls, Guide in dealing with the haters. If you are a blogger, a YouTuber, a human being, there is always someone out there having a problem with your succes and your achievements. I usually have another take on it. I have no problem with haters, you can’t  expect everyone to like your work.  But

*August 2013 favoriteS *

hello beautiful, Well, summer is over. Is time to wake-up and start work… The sun is fading and the night starts taking over. Before you relize another summer is over and another year got away let’s check out my august favorites. This mounth was all about skin care, minimal make-up and bright nails.Also sun protection,I

February favorites

Hello beautiful, First of all I’m so happy spring is here! Is so amazing to start wearing bright colors, flower patterns and have less clothes on :)) And as each month passes I get do my favorites! The products that I’ve been loving: make-up and random. Let’s get started. 1. Rimmel London: Wake me up