My boyfriend hates these pants

hello dolls,


Yes, he does. But that’s not the point of this post. The point is that you need throw and stop beeing afraid to be who you are and stay true to yourself. It’s ok to be different. That’s exactly how progress is made and the people that think outside the box are the ones bringing something new in the world. We are told what to wear, how to behave and maybe even what university we should go to. We are programmed to think a certain way and to follow the rules. I could even go as far as saying we are manipulated to believe in one thing or another.

A few years ago I really believed in our generation: that we were not judgemental. But guess what, the hippies from the 70′ were so much accepting of diversity than us. We judge, a lot. And on top of that, we judge without knowing anything about anything. This generation doesn’t care anymore what is the source of a news as long as the news thinks for her. So, I am telling you to stand out and choose to be special. No, not a special snowflake. But somebody that can stand up for what she believe- but with arguments, to dress as she likes and makes sure to wear the clothing not let the clothes wear her, and somebody who gives people a chance before judging.

That is who I am. And you can either love me or hate me. As for clothes, I bought all the basics there are so I upgraded to the next level. Last time I went shopping, I was looking for something not boring and I found those pants and I love them. To let them shine, I paired them with a black top and a jeans jacket.

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Have a lovely weekend.


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