Boho on a friday.

hello dolls,

When you think Friday, you think: Thank god the weekend is here. Usually, I have a chaotic schedule and it doesn’t matter what day of the week is because I am working, but this Friday, I felt that weekend vibe. That means my outfit was as casual as it gets.

I love off the shoulder tops, and I am not afraid to show it. I think they are so sexy without beeing over the top.So here is the secret to a casual Friday look: pair a white top with a boho feel to it and add a pair of flare jeans. I struggle a little bit with the decision of what jacket to add, a jeans jacket would have been a little bit too harsh so I picked a tweed jacket. The colors of the jacket collaborates with the jeans. Right?

To be honest, for me, earrings haven’t been in an outfit for a long long time. But today, I added a huge pair of earrings- for me is something like- it’s all or nothing.







Dolls, I am heading out to a party so see you this weekend with another OOTD.

Have a lovely weekend and see you on Instagram at @khloelo



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