Are you beautiful in white jeans?

Hello, dolls,

There is this rule, that white jeans are only for spring and summer. Even if I don’t really follow rules, I can agree with this one. Just because, white jeans in the winter will be a mess, because of the weather, they will be a mess. Just imagine, running around the town, in all those ponds full water. Before you take 5 steps you will need to change. Or even better, create a nice story that actually your white jeans are supposed to be stained- it’s the pattern. Had to do that more than I would like to admit.

Another “rule” is that you can only wear white if you have a perfect body. Well, no. White will for sure show all you have, but you just need to know your body type and the cut that fits you. I was talking on the phone this week with one of my girlfriends and she asked me: ” Just be honest right now, would you change anything about your body?”  My answer was as blunt as I could be:”No”.  And is true. I wouldn’t change anything.

First, because I accept myself just the way I am, and I have been doing that for quite some time. Second, I don’t believe in surgery. So even if I would like to change something, the trouble and the money I would have to go through is not really worth it at the end. And third people don’t really care. If your goal is to get accepted by society, you don’t need to go through surgeries, you need to learn about marketing. You look how you feel and you look like you advertise.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not perfect. I still have to work a lot, but on the inside. Not on the outside. On the outside, I am my own version of perfect. I might have a big nose-but it gives me the advantages and never being late somewhere. Because my nose is already their half an hour before. And yes, I could get a breast implant- but then except for my bag that is already 2kg, I would have to carry an additional 1 kg all day, every day. That can’t be a good thing for my back.

So, next time when something as simple as wearing white jeans makes you think it’s not ok for you and your size, think again. Look in the mirror and start accepting who you are. When you do accept yourself, people will follow. And as soon as you realize how stupid are the beauty standards in this day and age, you will focus your attention on something that really matters.

As for my outfit, white jeans and a black top are a go-to look for me. Just because I don’t need to worry about matching the colors, the shoes, anything for that matter. I just add a pair of really comfortable sneakers and I am out the door. This shirt has a really beautiful neckline, so no accessories needed.

white jeans

white jeans

white jeans

white jeans
That is all for today. Tell me down below: Are you beautiful? Why?

See you next time,



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  • My lovely people

    These white jeans looks stunning on you. I laugh a lot with this post, you are very funny and a very realistic person. I love the way you tell the truth. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing post….