5 trends to check this fall

Hello dolls,
I know most people hate monday… Well, I used to do so,too. I mean, it’s depressing. You realize a new week started, that means time passed, your getting old and closer to death … Ok.. Maybe that is a little dramatic. The thing is, most people hate their job, that means they hate every monday because is ‘back to work time’. I was ranting about this last week and sense I can’t help you with your job, I was thinking I can make your monday better. Let me explain this. For all my fashionistas out there, every monday, you will have a new article about the latest trends, how to wear them, what is buzzing right now and so on.

*I recommend you read this article with a cup of coffee.*

New season, new trends. Right? Well, after watching a lot of fashion shows and reading all the magazines out there, your girl , MOI,is giving you the 5 MOST IMPORTANT TRENDS OF THE SEASON.Let’s get to it!

1) Militarry

From Valentino to Victoria Beckham and Tom Hilfiger, the military vibe took over. It was incorporated in every piece of clothing and even accessories. The thing about this trend is that is really practical. We live in the 21st century, even if some of us are still dreaming about the victorian coats( yes, I do!) you need a practical coat. And the military knows everything about practice clothing.

Bonus: The Green Army color works perfect with the season. You will bend in with the nature.



Plaids was all over the runways from New York to London( that sounded like a part from a Pitbull song :) ) . The star was the red plaid which adds an interesting twist to the classic fabric. Most of us were a lot of black in the colder seasons, so the red is a welcomed dose of color.



If you wish spring would be all around the year, this trend is for you! I’m not a big fan of color in general, but hey, a pastel coat could really make things interesting. I guess the designers where like:”so much black, dark navy and military green let’s add some splash of color! Like baby pink and aqua blue, It’s winter after all…”



Did you notice that the 70’s are back? Well, fringe was a thing in the 70’s style and it’s back. I don’t know how I really feel about this trend. It’s a feminine touch but with some boldness behind it. I guess I have to try it to know for sure.


5) Leather

And like always I saved the best for the last! If you follow my blog, you know I love me some leather. I can not wait to wear all leather outfits this fall. From dresses, to skirts, to pants and accessories leather was in every form of clothing. You can’t imagine how excited I’m for this trend. Nothing says dark , sexy and edgy like leather does.



Tell me down bellow what trend your going to rock this fall!!

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