5 Reasons I Hate Valentines Day

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Since the “5 rules to follow when you get dumped” article , I’ve been thinking about making each week a post on a topic that has nothing to do with fashion, but insted covering the other areas. I guess I will call it the “Wednesday 5”. Hope you will really enjoy this column and if you have any suggestions on what to write next, just leave them down below in the comments area and I will do my best.
Now, let me be real, I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY! No,I’m not a miserable-cry-for-attention single, I am in a relationship for over a year now and things are going great. Last night as we were talking at 3am in the morning about god and religion and aliens , it hit me:this is the most quality time we spend in the last month. It was the perfect date. Just talking and relaxing and there was absolutely no pressure. This brings me to my first reason why I hate Vday.

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1. It puts unnecessary pressure on the relationship.

Let’s say your relationship is just like ours and you enjoy talking to each other and chill in underwear. Why would you need to go out to a fancy resturant, that you made reservation for weeks ago just because is Vday? I hate it when society tells you what to do. You had a busy week at work and you lack of sleep? Well, if it was any normal day, you could have just cuddle with your loved one and go to sleep. But it’s 14th of february, so get your fancy suit on and go out to a resturant even if you dont feel like it, because if you don’t, it might mean you don’t love him/her enought to go out. Get a table at a restaurant that is full with “happy” couples “celebrating” their love by paying more for the same food. And also, you will get the advantage of looking around and compering your love with the others. This is like a circus.


2.You should celebrate your love every day, not only on Vday.

Now that I think about it, Vday is a celebration made for fuck boys. That type of guys that didn’t buy in their life flowers, chocolate, teddy bears, pretty much anything ever. Sometimes they forget to call for a week and propebly cheted on you at least once. But, on 14th on february, they transform, suddently remember how much they love you, take you out to diner and gets you some red roses. When the clock hits 12, just like cinderella, they go back to their old selfs .Now, if you know what I’m taking about, I’m sorry for you.

On a more serios note, if you are in a happy healthy relationship, you celeberate love through small gestures every single day and you don’t need society to tell you when you should go out and be in love.


3. The overpriced everything

Do I really need to talk about this? From chocolate to roses and teddy bears, everything is more expensive on Vday. Why would you pay for it if you know that the next day everything comes back to normal?


4.It’s all about gifts, sex and forcing commitments

Bday it’s a superficial bitch. We give and receive love in so many ways. But on this day, all you have to do to prove your love is buy something expensive and have sex. Also, the days before VDay are the most busiest in the romance “game”. They bring the relationship on an ultimatum and that can never be a good thing. Now, guess what the days after VDay are known for ? Yep, break-ups.


5. Single people are being punished.

You are single on 14th of February? Well, society told me that nothing is worse than being alone on VDay. Really? I’m happy for you that you didn’t just fake a relationship and best time to be with someone just for VDay. Means you know what you want and you are taking your time searching for it.

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