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I’m the crazy girl running in the morning, with coffee and my purse in one hand and my iPhone and Vogue in the other trying to get to school in time. I love reading fashion magazines and listening to the latest hits. I try to find the good in everybody. I’m the always right kinda girl, but not afraid to apologize if she got it wrong, after all it comes with the perks of being human. I have a lot of opinions on anything and everything. I love fashion. I believe that fashion is the only way of achieving perfection. I have a part time job to keep my clothes addiction and I’m in high school.I don’t like losing my head, that’s way I keep it in the sky. I live in a mad world, in mad place with a riddle, if you can find the beauty, you can make your own paradise. I share all of my madness and my style on my personal blog.

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