Are your 20’s are harder than expected

Hello, dolls,

Just writing this first line, I have butterflies in my stomach. I missed blogging so much, you have no idea. It is a part of me and it’s been hiding away because life happened. But your 20s are harder than I expected. With your cross-roads and challenges. Wanting to move from home, find your path in life, finishing school, understanding that not everything that flies is eatable.

Personally, I think you are not prepared when you exit high school for anything. No one tells you that life is mostly grey and way too complicated. That your road will be bumpy and you might become something you never even thought you will. This happens to all of us. Top that with external noises and expectations and there you have it. Your 20s.

What did I learn in the past 6 months? That I can handle more than I ever thought I could. I changed my job. Why? Because we need to evolve and explore. I am still an event planner, but with a hint of PR and Social Media Manager. If you would’ve told me two years ago that I will enjoy marketing, I would have told you that I am made for events.

I came to the realization that change is good, especially if it puts you out of your comfort zone. You need to grow, learn and explore. This is my motto nowadays. Be active, never be afraid and be true to yourself. Be out there, you might find some doors open and opportunities will come to you. Never spend too much planning and spend your life living. I work in events for the past 3 years- no matter how much you plan, it will be something unexpected and you will need to play with the cards on the table.

My style also changed. I spend less time thinking and more time actually dressing, so now it’s an interesting combination of casual chic street wear. I am not afraid anymore, and I don’t care anymore to fit in a box, so whatever it turns out to be, it will be fine as long as it looks and feels good.

The first look I will share with you in this new era, it’s one of my favorites this spring. A pair of boyfriend jeans, with a deep green body and a pair of shoes that stand out. The type you love or hate, but for sure you will notice them.





So happy to have this post live! I’ll see on Sunday with a new one.

Until then, tell me in the comments your hardest really check you had until now.




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