10 things about Croatia


1. It’s a country that has a lot of tourists. So it’s likely to hear more English,Chinese,Russian or German than Croatian. The fact that is full of tourists all the time encouraged people to learn English very well so you’re not going to get lost and not find a single human to help you there. Also they are very friendly which is never a bad thing.

2. It’s an expensive country. Starting with their huge taxes and ending with the mass of tourists, you’ll pay a lot of money on a coffee if you also want a view with it. Somewhere around 15$ for coffee diluted with water. We are talking about Dubrovnik right now. Also ,some places accept euro but it’s best to pay with Croatian kuna. 1 Croatian kuna equals 0.13 euro (13 cents). Make sure you the currency and change the money in a safe place. If you don’t want to exchange your money ,pay with a card. It’s the easiest and safest way to go.

3. It will shock you how clean it is. Croatia resembles Germany a lot when it comes to clean streets and places. Even if it’s visited by a lot of people everyday, they keep it clean.

4. If you want something good to eat – go with sea food. Maybe it was just me, but their food was generally pretty bad. It was very bland.

5. The view is breathtaking. Everything I saw, it stunned me. Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb were like a walk in a dream -an amazing one-.

6. If you plan on visiting Croatia by car…well they have highways and luckily they offer a good view.

7. The water is extremly clean and cold. You will be swimming with fish and keep in mind that they don’t really have sandy beaches. Most of them are covered in super small rocks .

8. Every country has its own system when it comes to the stars they attribute to hotels. Compared to Germany you need to cut one star off. It’s kind of the same with Italy. Basically a five star hotel in Croatia is the equivalent of  a four star hotel in Romania/Germany.

9. On Sunday most of the places are closed.

10. It’s not the best place to buy clothing. Things are expensive! Way too expensive. In H&M a blazer was around 100 €, the same one in Romania being 50 €.
Thanks to the photographer Alex Oprea!
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